Honestly, I am stoked for this. I thought the story was really nicely told in Arkham Origins, but that is Corey May for ya. I loved the new take, and it took some really cool liberties. Some of the boss fights were definitely epic and jaw dropping, like the Firefly fight... Getting dragged through the air over a… » 4/09/14 6:41pm 4/09/14 6:41pm

Is it just me, or does the parkour in this game feel a bit messy? Like, it is really frustrating, trying to climb buildings and stuff.

But I guess on the other hand, you don't really need to do much climbing, due to the varied powers!

Otherwise, the game is spectacular, absolutely loving every second of it. Even the… » 3/24/14 7:37pm 3/24/14 7:37pm

Since I also have a US account, but I am in the UK. If I was to use my paypal to purchase the US version, so that I could play it now. Would it do a proper conversion (equaling to £35 - Which is like how much it is on amazon anyways), or will it add charges or not even work? » 3/11/14 12:32pm 3/11/14 12:32pm