Another Vine teaser from Bethesda, of their upcoming game. Announcement Tomorrow!

If you had followed my post yesterday, you would have seen that Bethesda posted two Vine-teasers on their blogs. Seems like there is another one now, and it is posted right below. They also promise an announcement concerning it, tomorrow. So till then, look at these 3 pics... and try to guess what it is.

Teaser # 3… »4/18/13 2:05pm4/18/13 2:05pm

Bioshock Always Tugs At My Heart Whenever "Beyond The Sea" is played. (No Spoilers!)

Ever since I was a little child, probably no older then 5 or 6, I've had this unusual fascination with the classic song by Bobby Darin, "Somewhere Beyond the Sea". My attachment to it began probably after hearing it as my parents' anniversary song... something that they have cherished for years. For you see, the… »4/02/13 11:19am4/02/13 11:19am